It is time to revolutionize how you do business!

Hey, everyone. I was given an exclusive opportunity and need to share it with you. I was privileged the other day to get invited to a webinar with Chad Nicely and Perry Belcher (two extremely successful marketers). They were discussing a program they have in development right now that is going to revolutionize how we do business.

This is AMAZING!

Chad and Perry are developing this incredible new program called MintBird, which they will launch in ~75 days.

I had the amazing opportunity to be in a select group who previewed it live. I was completely blown away! This was like nothing I have EVER seen before!

The program, which is going to revolutionize your business, was very easy to use and has so many features that are normally only available by using multiple products (that is IF they are available at all). The design is crisp and clean, which is a HUGE bonus for me. I don’t like to get distracted by clunky programs. The Chad and Perry have agreed to allow our group to not only preview it, but also get 6 weeks of detailed marketing training (for MintBird but it also applies to other businesses) for free! They even decided yesterday to allow a few more people the opportunity benefit from this awesome opportunity. It took some convincing before they would do it. 🙂

Limited-Time Opportunity

Only a certain number of people will be allowed to take advantage of this opportunity because they want to be able to give us the attention we deserve. They cannot do it with too many people in the program. This means that they will shut off registration once they get to that point. Now is the time to get it! 

Did I mention it is free? There is no risk or expense, only knowledge and opportunity. Also, the only people that Chad and Perry are approving to be an affiliate are those who are invited and take part of the exclusive training. MintBird is going to revolutionize how we do business!


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